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Juvenile Pheasant crossed with bantam hen?

Observed: 2nd February 2010 By: georgiageorgia’s reputation in Birds
060717 Phez-hen (4)
060717 Phez-hen (5)
060717 Phez-hen (5) 5

Is this a Pheasant crossed with a bantam hen? Big question with bird flu about. This was observed in July 2006 when bird flu was a big issue. It was among bantam chicks but its plumage resembled that of a pheasant and it displayed feral behaviour of disappearing off over the fence into the undergrowth when humans approach. It displays features of its siblings (seen around it and in a skirmish in one photo) and pheasant head, beak and plumage patterns. Is it possible? The owner believed it was a cross... This is something i have been waiting to get under the nose of somebody who might know? If there is anyone out there who has an opinion?

  • pheasant cross?
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Probably just a game pheasant

Probably just a game pheasant poult that got lost or escaped from a rearing set-up.
The hybrid - bantam/chicken x game pheasant is well-known - often called a phantam.

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Game pheasant.

So its not really something to get that excited about. I thought it was a one off cross species thing. Oh well never mind, thanks for the information. I was calling it the Phez-Hen, but i will now call it the Phantam. I didn't realise they would or could cross breed. Very interesting.

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the timing is right for it to be a wild or reared poult.
Phantams are almost certainly sterile as the parents are not closely related - same principle as mules/hinnies with horses and donkeys.