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Really Bad Pic of Blackcap

Observed: 10th April 2012 By: gramandy
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 Really Bad Pic of Blackcap

I've been trying to snap this male Blackcap for a couple of weeks now and to date this is the best I've managed. He was facing me until the shutter went obviously and then gone. This is number 24 from the garden.

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Oh poor you!

I tried really hard but cannot really confirm your ID although I believe you!! I know how hard it is to capture the photo evidence - a blackcap posed on my clematis trellis last Saturday only to flick away as I lifted the camera I had run to get.

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I am tempted to agree, as it shows the pale grey nape and lower back of Blackcap. But would I say that if you had not said that it was a Blackcap? Probably not! Still...if you are sure then I think that I can see enough.


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