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Unknown fungi

Observed: 21st January 2012 By: AndrewDHillAndrewDHill’s reputation in Fungi and LichensAndrewDHill’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Two photos of the same group of fungi, a few days apart (right on 21 Jan and left on 23 Jan).


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Some fungi are very poisonous so a mistaken ID could have serious consequences.

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Did you get any photo's of the gill's and had there been a frost or was it dry conditions,sorry to ask so many questions but help's with the identification.


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Thank you. No gills,

Thank you. No gills, unfortunately, I am only just finding out about the need for these for helping with ID. It was a few days after a cold spell with frosts, mainly dry for some time previously but a little rain in the previous day or so. (Thanks to picture record from most days). I'm new to this, but keen to learn.

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There are a few thing's that help when out take a ruler to measure cap and stem size,small notebook and pencil to write every thing down,habitat,smell if any,colour change when cut or rubbed and texture,is the cap slimy,dry,scaly.also photo of gills or pores as they can be attached to the stem in different way's this is normally described at the beginning of a fungi book.

Happy hunting and look forward to seeing your finds on iSpot.