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Piece of Fossilised Tree?

Observed: 15th April 2012 By: Ellude
Fossilised Tree ??
  • fossil root (stigmaria)
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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Where else

Not sure if any users of this site can help. Wondered where I could find another site to record this 'find'. Thanks ispotters.

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What about one of the Glasgow

What about one of the Glasgow museums? There is the Kelvingrove Museum http://www.glasgowlife.org.uk/Pages/default.aspx and the Hunterian http://www.gla.ac.uk/hunterian/, which is part of the Uni.

They would be able to say if it is a fossil, and whether and advise what to do with it.



recording wildlife with The Recorder's Year on www.hbrg.org.uk/TRY.html.

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Thank you

Hi, thank you I initially left it where I found it. Glad I went back for it.
I will pop into Glasgow & see if they can help.

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Having studied paleontology

Having studied paleontology at university, I would say that it is a chunk of fossilised tree root from a very large tree. Where did you find it? Very jealous of your beautiful trophy!!

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Hi Hannah, thanks for your comment.
Found in the water, at the edge of River Avon, Morgan's Glen, Larkhall. I photographed it near the edge of the river on a broken seat. Left it where I found it initially then went back for it once I found a discarded bag to carry it in. Decided it might get washed further down river & never been seen again.

If ever you want to look in the area to see if there's more pieces contact me. I'd happily take you to the place. Judith.