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Water boatman

Observed: 8th April 2010 By: squirrelsquirrel’s reputation in Invertebratessquirrel’s reputation in Invertebratessquirrel’s reputation in Invertebratessquirrel’s reputation in Invertebrates
waterboat man
waterboat man 1

watched a number of water boatman climbing out of the pond and flying away.

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Would be interested to know what the features are that pick this out as being Notonecta glauca, as opposed to the other species in the genus - not doubting the identification, would just like to know how to tell this species!

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There's 4 species of

There's 4 species of Notonecta in the UK (plus I think a few vagrants), Notonecta glauca, N. maculata, N. obliqua, and N. marmorea ssp. viridis, of which N. glauca is the commonest.

N. glauca is about 15mm long, and the wing cases are a glaucus grey-white, with the relatively pale orange abdomen visible through them. The leading edge of the wing cases also has black chequering along it, visible in the first photo here.

N. maculata, the second commonest species, are also about 15mm long, but their wing cases are quite a bright orange, speckled with black, with very little of the glaucus look of N. glauca, and without the chequering.

N. obliqua is 16-17mm long, and largely black, with a white v-shape on the wing cases behind the scutellum, and has a vaguely anchor-shaped black facial marking between the eyes which would be very visible in the second picture, were it that species.

N. marmorea is 13-14mm long, and similar to maculata and glauca, but again doesn't have the glaucus sheen or black chequering of glauca, and isn't the bright orange of maculata, appearing small, dull and dark

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Thanks rimo, very useful.

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