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Damsel Fly

Observed: 17th July 2006 By: ruanaichruanaich’s reputation in Invertebratesruanaich’s reputation in Invertebrates
Damsel Fly

Photographed at the visitors centre above Aberfoyle. David Marshall Lodge Visitor Centre.

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The male is the bluest of the blue / black damselflies. The thorax viewed from above bares two broad blue stripes. Just behind the wing roots on the second abdominal segment is a mushroom shaped symbol, the stalk of which may be absent. The upper surface of segments 8 & 9 towards the tip of the abdomen are all blue, often appearing brighter than the rest of the blue areas of the insect.

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Thanks for the tip

Made the made the mistake of going with first suggestion. Noted Azure has U shaped mark on behind wings roots.

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