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Possibly a Siskin or Greenfinch

Observed: 9th April 2010 By: Laurie DauntLaurie Daunt’s reputation in BirdsLaurie Daunt’s reputation in BirdsLaurie Daunt’s reputation in Birds
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I doubt very much that it is

I doubt very much that it is a siskin, and it isn't a greenfinch.
If it was side-on or flying, I'd be able to make a better guess, but my expertise is limited when it comes to avian posteriors!!

The bill makes it certain to be an insectivore, probably a warbler. Species??????

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A small leaf warbler. The legs are paler than normal Chiffchaff (though not 100% reliable feature). Although end on, the wings suggest Willow Warbler (longer primary projection than Chiffchaff as it is a long distance migrant). Date and place fits - WWs were arriving in late March in the south.

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Thanks I think it is a willow warbler, There was some Siskin about, Thats why I got confused

Laurie Daunt

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Probable Willow Warbler

Pink legs provide the clue, but leg colour varies between birds. did the bird sing? did it go "Chiff chaff"

Colin Jacobs.
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