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Bird egg

Observed: 8th April 2010 By: scu05dcw
Egg Shell

Two-thirds of a birds egg was found in the undergrowth around some large trees - no nest was visible. Can anyone tell from the way it was cracked what caused this? Also what bird species it belongs to?


No identification made yet.

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Identifying eggs

It is not always possible to identify eggs from single picture, as size and colour play their part. I will try an answer though, based on your description and judging the size of egg by the leaves; I going for Blue Tit/Great tit. Did you notice if eggs had red or rust coloured flecks/spots? It appears to have been chipped away from inside, so an natural hatching. This is my opinion not a yes it is.


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Based on the leaf in the 'photo, I am guessing it is around an inch across and white - if so, it is a collared dove or wood-pigeon egg (or feral pigeon) - their eggs are sufficiently different in size to be able to tell.
From the way in which it has "broken", it almost certainly hatched.

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Hi Kluut

Looking at picture again I agree about size of egg, I think wood pigeon has it.


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Egg shell

There were no red/rust coloured flecks - the egg shell was completly white and was about 4-5cm in length. Thank you for your responses - I'm glad to hear it was a natural hatching.