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Pipestrelle bat

Observed: 1st April 2010 By: ru9
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small bats in my roof space

  • pipistelle
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these are small bats they are usually seen at dusk coming out of my loft space.

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Have you seen the bats in your loft or are you assuming they are coming from there. I ask because pipistrelles, except some nursery colonies, do not roost in loft spaces. They usually roost under roof tiles and in spaces behind soffit boards.

If you have seen them there, how do they hang. Be aware though it is illegal to disturb roosting bats so don't go up into the lost space to specifically look at the bats.

Graham Banwell

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Bats in houses

As Graham says, if they are pipistrelles they are probably living in little gaps under the eaves or behind the soffits. At this time of year the mothers forma colony and have their baby (just the one) which they look after and feed on milk until it can fly and look after itself. The colony will break up in autumn though they may well come back next year. They're Nature's best pest control as each pipistrelle can eat 3000 insects per night despite weighing less than a pound coin.
If you can actually see bats in the loft itself, they could well be brown long-eared bats, which cling to the rafters.


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