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Plume moth - probably Emmelina monodactyla

Observed: 7th April 2010 By: YvonneBYvonneB’s reputation in InvertebratesYvonneB’s reputation in InvertebratesYvonneB’s reputation in Invertebrates

Plume moth

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Did you dissect it to eliminate the other Emmelina species in the UK? Although it is almost certainly E monodactyla.

David Howdon

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Hi David No i didn't dissect

Hi David

No i didn't dissect it to eliminate Emmelina argoteles (is that the only other Emmelina that occurs in the UK?). I was making an assumption based on E. monodactyla being a common species and on location of capture (a suburban Essex garden).

I rated this as "I'm as sure as i can be" and as you say it is almost certainly E. monodactyla. Perhaps to be absolutely correct i should re-title the sighting as "probable Emmelina monodactyla"


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See also discussion about the two species of Emmelina here:

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