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Can anyone help .... What is this beetle ?

Observed: 7th April 2010 By: Mothman60
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Under 1cm and was found in my moth trap, so I guess it was atracted by the light .

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Seems to have some similarities with the genus Aphodius. (General form, colour, spines on tibia.)


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possibly Aphodius prodromus

Aphodius prodromus is one of the dung beetles I see most often in spring, and it does look very like yours, but I can't be certain that it is this, there are a few very similar species.

For comparison there is a good photo on this page:

and some information on separating A. prodromus from the very similar A. sphacaletus on the Watford Coleoptera Group pages:

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Aohodius prodromus

Its Aphodius prodromus, dark basal margin to the pronotum


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Hi Darren,

Welcome to iSpot, and thanks for your input. Would you be able to add A. prodromus as an identification (click on "Add a revision", above), so we can show what the final verdict is on this one!

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