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Great Crested Newt

Observed: 12th July 2009 By: isabelbisabelb’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptilesisabelb’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
Great Crested Newt
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Looks like great crested to

Looks like great crested to me but I'm not sure

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Female great-crested newt

The lack of spots on the upperside of the body rules out smooth newt. Only the male palmate newt has fully webbed hind feet and then only in the breeding season, however, all palmates have short toes - your newt has long toes.

I'm going for female because the legs look relatively short and there appears to be a definate dip in the upper contour where the tail joins the body - both distinctive features of a female of any age.

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Depending on the scale of the

Depending on the scale of the photo, either a female Great Crested Newt or a juvenile of the same species. In both cases the animal has a dark upperside and a yellow stripe along the underside of the tail. Male GCN start to develop white tail flash and lose the yellow stripe in their 3rd year, before that you cannot sex them. General "jiz" of this photo says "female" to me.

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Great Crested Newt - Triturus cristatus

This photo looks very much like a typical female attitude resting in the warmest water at the surface of a pond.

The dorsal dip running along the entire back is very suggestive of a female (males usually show some evidence of a crest even if only a low ridge).

When I was young we used to use the alternative name Warty Newt.