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Observed: 6th April 2012 By: cm23898
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Any reason for thinking this

Any reason for thinking this is onchidoris rather than archidoris, dejay? It's quite evident that this looks very different from all the other Onchidoris b. on Ispot & conchsoc too. Just look at how small are the tubercles all over it's body in comparison to body size (in some places hard to detect); whereas in Onchidoris b. they're much larger & more prominent, + none of these tubercles are white.

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See also

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If you click on the 2nd image

If you click on the 2nd image in it gives it's size as 40cm, ie it's a full-sized animal, & note how large it's tubercles are in comparison to body size, where this one's tubercles are minute.

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Change of heart

Yes Chris. It's rare for me not to place a comment in these posts - this keeps me alert to progress.
As it was only an agreement, for which I have no tick in Filters, then I didn't see your later comments. For some reason I had agreements in both of these - as you say it is NOT, surely, O.bilamellata and it's clever of you to notice the ragged outline, which is an helpful clue.
I have removed an agreement from one but it had no effect on Likely ID.