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Speckled Wood

Observed: 12th April 2012 By: BruceHBruceH’s reputation in InvertebratesBruceH’s reputation in InvertebratesBruceH’s reputation in InvertebratesBruceH’s reputation in Invertebrates
Speckled Wood - pararge aegeria 12-04-2012 08-40-24
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Speckled Wood

As this is a foreign (southern Europe) observation I suspect that accounts for its orange (Wall-like) colouration.

David Howdon

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The Speckled Wood has several

The Speckled Wood has several different colour forms - this is the continental form, which has orange where the British forms have beige-yellow. The overall effect is very different, almost like a small fritillary!

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Thanks for explantions

I know of some variations, even within UK populations of this and other butterfly species but was not aware that Speckled Wood had such a range of colours! I guess that is what makes this site such a useful tool. There's always someone out there who will put you right!

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Speckled Wood

Yes I noticed that and quickly realised it was a European form