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Observed: 22nd August 2007 By: chrisw
Birling 2007-08-22 09.24.16
Birling 2007-08-22 09.26.58

about 18mm long with black and orange striped wing casing and hairy abdomen
it was flying around inside the house - very loud, heavy flight
it had a number of very small insects <1mm long crawling over it (parasites?, young?)

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Burying beetle key

A downloadable pdf key to these large burying beetles was published in Vol 1 of Beetle News. Beetle News can be downloaded from the AES Website:

Tachinid Recording Scheme

TRS Facebook Page!/pages/Tachinid-Recording-Scheme/376652392364707

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The small 'insects' crawling

The small 'insects' crawling over it will have actually been mites - these sexton beetles are often covered in them, hitching a lift - they seem to be just riding, rather than harming, the beetle (they're phoretic)

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