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Identification needed

Observed: 9th April 2012 By: eluned@hollyvil...
identification needed

This was found in a large heap of fairly fresh animal guts found by my collie. It is clearly a mammal foetus, with attached placenta. Five nails on each paw, and a short triangular shaped tail.

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I found the same thing

or rather my spaniel found two of them yesterday. I never thought of badger however it was found close to what was thought to be an old disused badger set. We also have lots of moles in this area, so I thought that was a very young mole.

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I'm afraid this is too young to be sure. The eyes are not fully developed nor are the limbs or skull.

Being found with intestines suggests it was left by a predator which ate the rest of the mother. This suggests rabbit or hare rather than badger.

The other option would be humans killing and gutting an animal. Again this would suggest rabbit. This, I'm afraid, is the more likely as I'd expect a predator to eat the placenta as it is full of blood.

Graham Banwell

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