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Common Pheasant

Observed: 10th April 2012 By: chrisbrooks
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Common Pheasant
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An honest question from a beginner.

Why do we, in this group, insist on going down to sub-species level with the pied wagtail but don't seem to be bothered to the same extent with the pheasant?

Is it because the wagtails are kept separate in some way and don't have the the same opportunity to cross?

Bill Henderson

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Convention I suspect

I think people tend to record the sub-species of wagtail because the nominate sub-species (White wagtail) is not resident in Britain - although it occurs pretty frequently. So being clear about the subspecies is important as it is making it clear if the sighting is unusual or not.

Whereas lots of types of Common Pheasant are recorded in Britain, being bred in large numbers each year for shooting purposes. So being clear about the sub-species doesn't really tell you a lot.

I think there is also some uncertainty as to whether the 'ring necked' and 'not ringed necked' groups of Pheasant are good sub-species or not (I've seen them referred to as 'groups' rather than 'sub-species' in several places).

All that said there is no reason not to post a sub-specific ID on this (or any other record) if you can ID it to subspecies and want to add one.

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Re Sub-species


You've cleared that one up for me.



Bill Henderson