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Migrating Wax Wings feeding in Ullapool

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Migrating Waxwings feeding in Ullapool
Wax Wings
Wax Wings
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Very nice, did you put out

Very nice, did you put out the fruit for them or are they fallen rowan berries?

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No, there were 5 or so rowan

No, there were 5 or so rowan trees planted at the side of the road in Ullapool. We were driving past and could not fail to see the waxwings.

Les Pearce
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These are such exotic looking bird, it is hard to beleive they breed so far north. There is a regualr site for them in York alongside the main road, A64. There are a row of rowan alongside the road and a golf course with berry trees on the other side of the road. Therefore, they are regularly seen flying across the A64.

Graham Banwell

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Supermarket Carparks are the place

Whenever I hear that Waxwings have arrived in the county, my driving becomes rather erratic whenever I pass a Supermarket carpark. I'm too busy scanning the trees and bushes to concentrate on the road and often it does pay off. For the last two years waxwings have been seen at Rainbow in Cromer and this winter I saw one at Morrisons in Fakenham. Of course they can turn up anywhere, about ten years ago i came back from a mornings birding to find one on the aeriel of my own house, soon joined by 71 of its' friends feeding on the crab apple tree nextdoor.( when they weren't in the carpark of Somerfields, Old Catton).