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Yellow fly with red eyes

Observed: 8th April 2012 By: MartincitoMartincito’s reputation in InvertebratesMartincito’s reputation in InvertebratesMartincito’s reputation in InvertebratesMartincito’s reputation in Invertebrates

About 5 mm long, yellow body, hint of stripes on grey thorax and now I've read about it, I think I can see the characteristic bulge in the leading edge of the wings. This fly was sheltering inside the compost bin.

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I know it does not really matter, but guessing at a species because it looks like a picture is largely a waste of time with most flies. Most of them require very close inspection in order to arrive at a genus, let alone a species.

Bear in mind, too, that a very large number of pictures on the internet are wrongly named. That is true even on some of the sites where you would expect a correct ID to be reliable.

Usually, the only way to be certain is to collect the specimen and key it out yourself.

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I just did my first fly under

I just did my first fly under the microsope... it is so nice to be able to check the features rather than relying on a photo. So I agree with you. But what about this strange yellow beast? Any ideas?

PS Next step might be to buy a net!!

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hi Martin, ah, someone else

hi Martin,

ah, someone else with a microscope!
Any chance of one or two pointers, eg, what instrument do you have, what magnification, what joy or otherwise.. any luck with oil immersion and spores etc?
I recently bought an old sm-lux and an antique (1906) anthrax slide but the sun came out so I've not yet ventured to remove the cover.. perhaps above all, what BOOKS might you recommend, everything I find seems to be for children..
cheers, Jeremy

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I rather got bitten by the

I rather got bitten by the microscope bug and am now the proud owner of a Russian LOMO BIMAM R13 (mentioned on this page: an American Optical Stereostar zoom stereo microscope with a neat AO Starlite Illuminator. I've gradual learnt how to use these but am still a novice. You can get decent photos of spores by holding a compact camera againt the eyepiece, though there is definitely a knack to focussing, not to mention preparing the slide in the first place. I suggest this article as a starting point for looking at Fungi: and the pages on Mushroom Expert, eg At some stage you'll want to calibrate your scope which requires an eyepiece with a scale and a stage micrometer. Stains like Melzer's reagent are available to ABFG members - see After fungi, insects are a different challenge of course... which I'm just starting out on... Good luck, I look forward to seeing some results here on iSpot.