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Jackdaw surveying its kingdom

Observed: 1st April 2012 By: jackrockley88jackrockley88’s reputation in Birdsjackrockley88’s reputation in Birdsjackrockley88’s reputation in Birds

pretty small, about 5/6 inches tall

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I didn't think it was a crow,

I didn't think it was a crow, as it seemed a bit too small...

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Hi Jack, it must just be a very small Crow then or a perspective issue, the Jackdaw had pale eyes and a distinctive grey hood.

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To KelsaeJohn

Hi John, do you think this is a Jackdaw ?

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Jackdaw or Crow?

Hi Chris, have just seen your question after looking through 'Unread'. To be honest, I'm not so sure now having looked at the Ob. again using 'View original' and enlarging that image. I think I may have been influenced by Jack's description of size. I honestly can't decide, now, whether to remove my agreement or not. Sorry I can't be more helpful



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A bit more thought

After sleeping on it and some more research I have decided to remove my agreement to Jackdaw. However, I am not going to add it to corone. A cop out, I know, but ...