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Violet sp

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newmarket devil's dyke 041 violet sp

A violet that has confused me. Initially thought it had the 'rabbit's ear' upper petals of Early Dog Violet V reichenbachiana, but the sepals look rounded, more like sweet or hairy violet. But it doesn't seem to fit either of those properly either.

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But the sepals look decidedly rounded, not pointed (see flower at upper left of photo) - otherwise I'd agree...
Suppose it could be a hybrid though. Ugh.

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Rounded / Pointed

Hi Chalkie, I'm probably getting out of my comfort zone here as I find Violets a little confusing at times but I thought that the sepals were rounded in the EDV and pointed in the CDV. Regards Chris.

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Sorry - the BSBI violet crib shows pictures of both, and both early and common dog violets have pointed sepals. The common ones have larger sepal appendages, which would help later in the season, but I don't find that much help at the moment. They are tricky. Even in the BSBI crib it says that they may hybridise a lot - or maybe not much - nobody really seems too sure! Maybe I should stick to ones I'm sure about and just ignore the rest, but I like a challenge!