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Sparrowhawk with pigeon prey

Observed: 9th April 2012 By: riccardoriccardo’s reputation in Birdsriccardo’s reputation in Birds

second picture shows pigeon prey

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Riccardo, keep watching this

Riccardo, keep watching this website if you want to know what Peregrine Falcons look like. This pair are almost on your doorstep :)

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Definitely a Sparrowhawk.

Typical sparrowhawk behaviour, too! Interesting pictures.

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Thank you so much!!!!

Thanks so much for that! The other day we were driving out of our yard and we saw a dead pigeon without a head, like that, being dropped! We looked up but we couldn't see any birds. We thought a kestrel couldn't manage it, and we had seen a Sparrowhawk soon before, so now we know who did it!!!!

Without your help we'd probably never have known!

Thanks again,

From the wise old owl!