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Distressing find

My dog today found a huge heap of animal guts,

and amongst this was a foetus. I suspect it's a badger foetus, but I'd like positive ID. However, some would find the the image distressing (I think it's cute)and wonder what anyone suggests?



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put it on

I would put it on and hopefully it can be identified as many dead animals are put on.If iSpot did think it was unacceptable it would be removed by them.It is important as it may be something that has been killed illegally.


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Thanks - that's sound advice

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I see you've posted the photo now and I would agree with Sheila - iSpot is for posting pictures to get wildlife identified and to gather information on distributions, not just for sharing aesthetically pleasing images:-) I don't think the photo's offensive and the iSpot team must think it's fine.

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