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Strawberry anemone

Observed: 29th July 2011 By: zabdielzabdiel’s reputation in Invertebrateszabdiel’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Hi Andy, The anemone seems to

Hi Andy,

The anemone seems to have the speckled surface of the Strawberry anemone- the one on the left?


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No way it has the green spots of A. fragacea. 100% not and even if it has it would not be A. fragacea.

Andy Horton.
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On both the anemones where

On both the anemones where the shaft is visible the dotted pattern of the strawberry anemone is visible but its poorly lit, poor light. I havent seen this A. fragracea surface on a beadlet anemone nor can I find any images online of beadlets showing it. Have seen the fine blueish neon lines on a beadlet before but this is quite different.


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Minded to agree

I'm inclined to agree with Nightfly. Andy (beadlet) - is there ANY chance you could either reiterate what you wrote or, maybe, change your mind?