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Growth on a Silver Birch

Observed: 23rd March 2012 By: ex-royalex-royal’s reputation in Plantsex-royal’s reputation in Plantsex-royal’s reputation in Plantsex-royal’s reputation in Plants
120323 Willington - Lanchester 037
120323 Willington - Lanchester 040
120323 Willington - Lanchester 036

A woody growth on a Silver Birch. The second picture is a close-up. The third picture is a similar growth on a much thinner bough of the same tree. There were no similar growths on neighbouring trees.

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The others on birch came up on the second go.


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There are three posts, only, of this, which is quite surprising here. I have seen it myself but thought nothing of it!
It is poorly recorded Worldwide http://www.gbif.org/species/5427485
It is, of course caused by a bacteria, so technically is not a Plant. I have agreed based on the photo, as it is an unusual feature, and your third picture is obviously not a natural piece of the tree arising from, say, damage.