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Oak Tree Turkey

Observed: 25th March 2012 By: Jh27697
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Oak Tree Turkey
Oak Tree Turkey

This tree was in former parkland, now residential.It has a diameter of 4.3 Metres!!

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Turkey Oak

The 4.3 Metre Oak had flatish acorns which I found on the ground.

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Size and WDVTA

A diameter of 4.3m would make this substantially the largest Holm Oak in the country. According to the Wokingham District Veteran Tree Association it has a girth of 6.90m measured at a height of 0.5m - see http://www.wdvta.org.uk/WDVTS/index.php and search for tree 4642.

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Holm Oak

Mr G, I followed your link. Isn't it marvelous, the pic posted by jh, shows a shrub in the forground and a smaller tree between it and the Holm Oak. There on the link is the same scene shown from above.