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Would it be.....

.... a good idea if users (not owners of the pics) were able to edit the group?

It is noticeable that although requests are made for people to move their pics to the relevant group - this seems to rarely happen. Not suggesting any further capilities just the group. I think if this was available that more IDs could be made. It even means that if you were wrong about the group, a more experienced user could then move again.



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Occasionally some of the

Occasionally some of the people who have admin privileges (such as myself) do shift observations. But its a shame that the original people don't do it, after all they have gone to the trouble of uploading and presumably they want the observation identified.
Actually this also applies to location, occasionally people get this obviously wrong and I ask them to correct it but they often don't bother.

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...'s the answer? Is anyone else worried? Or are we alone in these forums?

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Not sure what to do about

Not sure what to do about this but with the major works on ispot over the coming summer/autumn there might be new ways to contact people or highlight issues such as this better.