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Observed: 28th March 2012 By: RalphThoresby
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This plant/weed was found in the middle of a soily patch with grass and other unknown plant species around. It wasn't under a tree but there were trees around. The place that I found this plant/weed let in a bit of sunlight and warmth.

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sticking my neck out...

Looks a bit odd for plantain leaves look too elongated and quite thin? - my first thought was red campion... ??? But not brave enough to put it as a suggested id, as I've got other things rather wrong recently!

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Have a look

we need this one looked at again.
They have a red tint and are growing in an abandoned settling pond close to a disused coal mine that still floods from time to time. They just look like normal greater plantain when they grow through tarmac even if it is old enough to have been made with coal tar.
These look like some other kind of plantain.


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I'm still more inclined towards red campion!

Doesn't look tough and leathery enough for plantain to me. But I could well be wrong!