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Observed: 6th April 2012 By: dif
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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red tick-like creature (found several)
on enlarging photo, it looked like it had a soft slightly indented body

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Species with which red velvet mite (Trombidium holosericeum) interacts


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Trombidium & Eutrombidium

Velvet mites get ID'd on this site as either Eutrombidium rostratus or Trombidium holosericeum. How do you tell them apart?

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No hope?

Someone, somewhere should have answered this by now!
I am about to post up my Red Mite and have gone for T.holosericum - the Devil in me!
The NBN gateway gives us access to most of the invertebrate records in the UK. So -
Trombidium holosericeum NBN http://data.nbn.org.uk/imt/?mode=SPECIES&species=NHMSYS0020190735
Has only TWO!
Eutrombidium rostratus NBN Has NO results.
What mite (get it?) be the problem?
C'mon someone...!