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D300 171

Observed: 6th April 2012 By: Nadine Hodson
D300 171

Buterfly resting on daffodil head which has gone over

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Species with which Orange-tip (Anthocharis cardamines) interacts


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A positive id would be appreciated

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It's an Orange Tip

Hi Nadine,

It's definitely an Orange Tip. It's amazing how they almost disappear when their wings are folded, yet they're so obvious and bright when in flight.

When you record on observation, there are a few fields you have to fill in, and others that are optional. It's best to fill in as much as you can.

Butterflies, beetles, bugs (and lots of other beasties that don't begin with b) come under invertibrates.

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Kind regards

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Hi Nadine, Could you please

Hi Nadine,

Could you please edit this observation and change it from 'other organisms' to 'invertebrates'. That way iSpot deals with it much better.

Best wishes,