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Lesser Celandine

Observed: 5th April 2012 By: Beagle
Friends of Childwall Woods and FieldsMerseyside BioBankThe Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and
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Growing in small clusters along public footpath through arable fields.

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Did you really mean Ranunculus verna or Ficaria verna?

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Scientific name

The scientific name for Lesser Celandine, R. ficaria, was chosen for me by iSpot. Regards


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Thanks Hugh, I wasn't questioning your identification and the accepted practise seems to be to accept the iSpot classification even if it's not the most up to date version.

I was really just querying Norwichnaturalist's suggestion of 'Ranunculus verna' because it seemed to me, with my limited knowledge, to be a combination of the two common classifications. I just wanted to know whether or not it was actually an accepted version in its own right.