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Is this a merlin?

Observed: 5th April 2012 By: hughhugh’s reputation in Birds

This unusual bird was sighted in our garden earlier. It's about the size of a pigeon. We think that it is a merlin but can anyone confirm this?

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You would be very unlikely to

You would be very unlikely to see a Merlin in your garden like this - they are birds of open country. Also, like all falcons, they have a dark eye, not the yellow iris of this bird. Any small bird of prey in Britain showing a yellow iris is overwhelmingly likely to be a Sparrowhawk.



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Thanks, I agree. It was

Thanks, I agree. It was probably sitting there waiting for a blue tit to come out of the nearby hedge.


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I think it's a sparrowhawk. I've just looked it up in a bird identification book and the merlin has got a big dark pupil that sticks out a lot. This one, like a sparrowhawk, has a yellow iris and a smaller pupil.

From the wise old owl!