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Washed up fish

Observed: 14th March 2009 By: Don

Long, narrow flat fish washed up on the beach at Seaton Carew. No local fishermen know what it is. It was around a metre long.

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How interesting!

I have no idea what that is but i cant wait for some identifications!!! You dont get an idea of the scale untill you see the dogs.

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Previous Dealfish

Surprisingly another dealfish was found in almost the same place 2 and a half years before.

"2 December 2006
My dog discovered a strange fish partially buried on the North Gare Sands, Hartlepool, (near the power station) part of the Teesmouth National Nature Reserve; the fish was one metre long, 30 cms wide and laterally very thin with a tapering tail. Colin Hatch"

Douglas Herdson

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Dealfish distribution

I've just noticed that the map showing the global distribution ( of this amazing looking fish doesn't feature it as occurring in the North Sea so this find represents an extension of its known distribution. The NBN gateway also shows it as recorded only from Western Scotland.

Like Georgia above I had no idea of the size of this fish until I noticed the dogs in the second photo.



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Clear and present

Origin 5th Oct 2014
DouglasHerdson makes a point about certainty in his ID but reading nightfly's comment in (sister post) one can infer that this is, indeed, Trachipterus arcticus. Also notice DHs agreement to the first ID.
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