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Observed: 4th April 2012 By: phildean
Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust
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Arrow-shaped leaf with dark patches.

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Are there a lot of subspecies of Arum?
I've seen separate 'wild' specimens with no spots, dark spots and light/white spots on the leaves. Does anyone know are these subspecies or garden escapes?

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Non-maculated maculatum -

I have seen many un-spotted specimens wherever I've found the plant. I've also heard both that it is a natural variation and a sub-species. The pdf document at -
suggests that it's a sub-species.

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Not subspecies

Prime's paper actually only gives the maculate and immaculate versions varietal status which seems sufficient.


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There is more

To add to the confusion i have found a number of dimpled specimens too:-
I have not found anything on the web about these.
Also there is the wrap direction of the flower buds that has been studied.