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Jellly Ear?

Observed: 4th April 2012 By: gramandy
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Jellly Ear?

Pic 1 - shows extensive growth on Darwin's Barberry shrub (hedge of cotoneaster and shrub as post to driveway). Originally thought this might be a jelly ear fungus but this is rock hard to the touch, therefore lichen maybe?


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It is

It is Jelly ear but a very old dried one,I have not put the id on as you did get it right at first thought ,so put it on so I can agree.


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...have added revised ID. Is this therefore dead as a dodo?

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If you get a bit of rain in the area it was found you might get a few new ones emerging but if you visit the spot on a regular basis keep an eye out as some fungi do occur in the same place each year.