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Fox Skull

Observed: 4th April 2012 By: Sam Griffin
Cumberland Bat GroupCumbria Amphibian and Reptile GroupThe British Herpetological Society
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Remains of fox skeleton found on a bog. When cleaned off, the skull shows a strange discolouration and deformity. Any ideas?

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Discolouration and deformity

It looks like the acid conditions in the bog were starting to dissolve the bone. Bone and similar materials are not found on archaeological sites under acid bogs as they are dissolved in the acidic conditions. Steve.

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Thats interesting but I'm not

Thats interesting but I'm not sure thats what is going on here. The bone has grown in an unusual way. Its not that bits are missing, but that extra bits are there..

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Fox deformity

Very interesting, Sam. Maybe a vet could provide an opinion?