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Croft Castle poo again

Observed: 21st March 2012 By: puggsy

This poo, which had a diameter of more than 5cm was placed on iSpot by Puggywug on 21/3 and the suggested identification was homo sapiens. However last weeks Hereford Times reported that a "panther like creature" was seen the following day [22/3] about one and a half miles away from Croft. I don't know what large cat poo looks like so is this just a coincidence?

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This is not cat droppings.

This is not cat droppings. Cat droppings would contain hair and are generally a grey colour - if we can assume this cat had a natural diet. I would say this is almost certainly Homo sapien!

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My Labrador dog can do something like this but not 5cm across, painful.