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Observed: 1st April 2012 By: Wendy ClarkWendy Clark’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Hi Phil, I think you are correct but the name has changed to Perlodes mortoni, not sure what difference that makes though. Chris.

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Thanks Chris - so many

Thanks Chris - so many species are in a constant state of flux often through DNA analysis. If you wish to correct the scientific name I'll agree with you. I felt fairly happy about going to species level with this photo because of the size and wings.

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Your ID

Phil it's your ID, I wouldn't dream of taking it from you. I'm not sure what difference it will make but someone might correct it. Chris.

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Perlodes mortoni / microcephalus

The Riverfly Recording Schemes are currently very interested in getting hold of specimens of these beasties to help clarify the species status. You can find out more here http://www.riverflies.org/orange-striped-stonefly-survey-0