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Unknown skull

Observed: 20th August 2008 By: Hanjague
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small skull found on beach, date is not exact (I can't remember when it was found). could it be a seal pup?

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This is a cat. The indications are the short, almost non-existent snout, a seal pup would have a longer one. Even without the teeth you can see from the root holes there were three incisors, one canine, two pre-molars (two holes in a line is one and three in a triangle is the other) and one molar. This is the dentition of a cat though they can have three pre-molars.

If it were a seal pup then there would be more molars/premolars - 5 in total.

Another distinctive feature of cat skulls are the large, circular eye sockets.

Graham Banwell

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