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Brindled Pug

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Brindled Pug

Came to outside light

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Oak-tree Pug

Hi Douglas

I had a browse through all the pictures on I Spot and this is another one where there seems to be huge variation.

The discal spot does look plump and it almost seems attached to the adjacent cross band whereas in the Brindled Pug there is a little space between cross band and discal spot. Also there are orange brown scales along the leading and trailing edges of the forewing which all supports Oak-tree Pug.

I think you are right to point in this direction but looking through all of the picutres on I Spot I am going to label it in my library as a strong probable Oak-tree Pug which almost makes it a new Pug for me.



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Pete, You're dead on with it


You're dead on with it being variable; these can be very hard to separate, sometimes impossible with photos. I think a fair few IDs with these are probably incorrect. Personally unless very clear I'd like dissection to be sure, but that isn't always practical.

I think it's likely your moth is Oak but as it says "I can't be certain".

And these are meant to be an easy pair to separate! Just wait for when there are loads of similar pug species flying!

Best wishes,