IMPORTANT - change to photo storage on iSpot

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  • Please read on for important information about changes to "unlinked images" on iSpot - to keep these images you will need to link them to an Observation by the end of Sunday 18 April

As announced here, we will be applying a new design to the iSpot website in a couple of weeks time. For the most part the way the site works will be unchanged, but following feedback from people using the site we will be simplifying the photo upload process.

All photos will in future be uploaded as part of the "Add an observation" - we will no longer have a separate "Add an image" option. This means that we will no longer be storing "unlinked images" - that is, photos that have been uploaded to iSpot but not yet linked to an observation. These unlinked images will be lost from the site.

To see if you have any unlinked images, you need to log on to iSpot and go to "My Spot" (from the link at the top-right). In My Spot, choose the "Unlinked images" tab. If you do have any unlinked images, you can either choose to delete them at this stage, or if you wish to keep them on iSpot then you need to go to "Add an observation" and set up a suitable observation for each image that you want to keep.

Apologies for any inconvenience this causes. The result of this change will be to make the process of adding observations more straightforward, and also ensure that any photos added to the site are seen by others and have the opportunity to receive an identification.

  • Remember: to keep your unlinked images on iSpot, you need to have linked them to an Observation by the end of Sunday 18 April


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