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Spiral wrack seaweed

Observed: 2nd April 2012 By: lm23496
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Thank you very much for your

Thank you very much for your comments, they're much appreciated. I agree with your identification here, it's much more suitable than mine!

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holdfast wrong for serratus, not toothed enough and fronds spiral. midrib also not prominent enough and not enough serration at the growing points. This is F.spiralis.

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Origin 25 April
Graham is certain - but I am not convinced. JoC has it.
Can I make it Likely? NO! So c'mon Graham swallow your pride!

Compare receptacles -
Look there too for the glimpse of Fucus ceranoides (second picture)
There really is no doubt.
Edit - a reassertion Graham.. check the receptacles on the frond - CLEARLY serratus as spiralis has swollen, globular, rimmed receptacles. Help make it Likely please as this post appears in Google Images.

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Another request

We REALLY need to shift Likely here Graham. You've agreed to the flawed ID, never good for iSpot continuity but your agreement ("this is F.spiralis") is based on your own ID, so I propose (we, (Jo and I) that you accept the receptacles are flat and on the apexes or the fronds, not as 'spherical eggs' as in spiralis. We would all agree that the well aged fronds are not apparently serrated.