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Red Dead-nettle

Observed: 30th March 2012 By: gramandy
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Red Dead-nettle

Growing against sea wall. Can someone help with the other species either side of the Nettle? To the left looks like plaintain of some description, adjacent to the right trifolium sp? and the far right maybe Alexander? Far left not at all sure.

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Plantain looks like ribwort, the small plant to left of it possibly another plantain buckshorn.

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To me the far left plant looks like

Erophila verna because of the shape of the leaves and the white flowers. There are not many pixels per flower so I may be wrong.

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other plant

I agree with Duxbury Rambler. The one immediately to the left of the Lamium looks like Ribwort Plantain. Afraid I can't help with the others, though.

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other plants

third agreement on the plantains! The far right plants doesn't look like a Trifolium to me though leaves too glossy, my first though as a strawberry but that's also unlikely, wait till it grows a bit then get a few more snaps.

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I agree with gramandy that the one on the far right is

likely to be Alexanders (Smyrnium oluastrum).

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Smyrnium oluastrum

Would the venation come on later? Pictures on the wonderful but not to be trusted Google images show seedlings with already pronounced veins.

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I can see veins

but it would be nice to have a close-up. Perhaps more recognizable plants of the same species are growing nearby?