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Observed: 30th March 2012 By: gramandy
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Used to think a wasp was a wasp - but I'm finding out from this site that isn't necessarily the case.

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Facial markings

The Common Wasp has an anchor mark on the face while the German Wasp has 3 dots. It's always worth trying to get a shot of the face, just don't get stung.

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Genus / subgenus

Hi Graham, Vespula is the genus and Paravespula is the sub genus. As I understand it iSpot has a liking for inserting the bracketed sub genus, which some people manually remove but either is correct. Regards Chris.

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Sorry Chris, it took me so long to type and tag you replied before i got there! Sorry for duplicating.

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No problem

No problem, you explained it better than I did anyway.

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Hi Graham, in answer to your question to Chris (me nosing in) the Vespula bit is the genus for the binomial taxonomic name while the Paravespula is the subgenus and so where included in the name goes in between brackets.

So instead of Vespula vulgaris you get Vespula (Paravespula) vulgaris.

The second part indicates the species ("vulgaris") and together they make the 'bionomial' name.