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Is this a Speckled Wood?

Observed: 1st April 2012 By: ChrisB001ChrisB001’s reputation in InvertebratesChrisB001’s reputation in Invertebrates
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I've checked various websites to confirm identification and they seem to agree that this is a Speckled Wood. However, my Collins Butterfly Guide shows this butterfly to be a much redder colour rather than brown. Is the book wrong?

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all the...

ones over the years that I have seen are exactly as your pic - don't worry about the book. Our Speckled Woods round here have not appeared yet.

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Butterflies !!

Hi Chris lovely shot - if you can use the get remmended drop down box and add the scientific name it will gain more agreements and earn you a Butterfly and also help the carousel to load so you can compare your pic to others of the same ID


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In southern europe Speckled Wood can be very orange where this one is yellow.

There seems to be some variation (regard by some as separate subspeices) in the UK with species from the south being more orange.

It is not clear to me (mainly because I've not looked into it) whether these are real subspecies or just temperature based variation (those the develop in warmer climes being more orange). No doubt someone will have looked into this.

David Howdon

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Speckled Wood habitat

I know things can turn up anywhere, especially if they can fly, but this may be slightly unusual. The picture was taken by a main road, the other side of which is saltmarsh and on this side is marsh with open water - very few trees of any size about and certainly no woodland. Do these butterflies migrate? I don't think it could have been blown to the site as the weather has be pretty calm lately.

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These are predominately Butterflies of shade and are notorious for patrolling woodland paths

They are a good Photographers Butterfly as they will patrol up and down frequently returning to a single staging point , just pop your stool down and wait . Like all Butterflies too they will come down from tree level during the course of the day , afternoons are good to observe when they have fed and make the best of the cooling sun at lower levels

Winds and breezes can bring them some disance or perhaps it as emerged from this site as a recent batch nature is always close to fereshwater