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Observed: 30th March 2012 By: oaken
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Found in rootball of box

Found in rootball of box (buxus) plant from unknown source.
Creature is fast moving and about 45mm long - body only!
When released (not by me) dug itself into soil.


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It looks like an insect of some kind with the front legs tucked in either side of its head. They would be what it used to dig with. The size sounds a bit on the large side though.


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It's an invertebrate so you

It's an invertebrate so you can re-edit and place it in that category

By the way what a find!

My Polish flatmate tells me they're a scourge to farmers and gardeners and favoured food of the Hoopoe.

I believe but am not sure that yours is likely to be a European variety, our native British one being very rare, so possibly brought in with soil but I might well be wrong or out of date on that

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It certainly looks like a

It certainly looks like a mole cricket (although I've never seen one myself). If it is this could be an important find. Please re-edit to place in the invertebrate category.

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Mole Cricket

Certainly a Mole Cricket nymph. I think it is significant that it was found in the root ball of a Box of unknown origin, which points to the possibility of it being an import. It might even be a different species from our native species. So Gryllotalpa sp.