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Brimstone on my finger

Observed: 2nd April 2012 By: MartincitoMartincito’s reputation in InvertebratesMartincito’s reputation in InvertebratesMartincito’s reputation in InvertebratesMartincito’s reputation in Invertebrates

This butterfly had been trapped in my conservatory for almost a week. When it finally came out, I made friends with it and offered a finger both as a taxi out to the garden and as a source of refreshment. It seemed grateful and stayed with me several minutes. But how could I prevent the cats, both known butterfly-botherers, from bringing this new taste of freedom to a premature end? Watch this space...

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It may well have spent the winter indoors. I found a Tortoise-shell indoors just after getting glass in the windows of a house i had just bought cheep. It would have been unable to get out if i did not help it. I feel strongly that cats should be kept indoors at this time of year for the sake of baby birds and to cut down on vet bills should they get spotted ripping up seedlings by angry gardeners with air rifles.


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Nice one Martin!

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For the happy ending, see