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Observed: 31st March 2012 By: kd4249
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Found in an old broad-leaved woodland in Derby.
Not yet in flower.
Is this an indicator species for ancient woodland?

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Indicator species

I've been studying a woodland near me in Exeter and Dog's Mercury isn't considered an ancient woodland indicator species in Devon but that doesn't necessarily mean it isn't in your area.

I got my list of indicator species from the Devon Biodiversity Records Centre, via the Devon Wildlife Trust. Hopefully you have something similar in your area.

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Indicator species

I've just found an Ancient Woodland Guide for Local Authorities, produced by English Nature and it includes an appendix of Ancient Woodland Vascular Plant Indicators, covering 13 different British regional sources.

It doesn't exactly match the list I have for Devon from the Devon Biodiversity Records Centre but it's pretty close. More significantly for you, it covers Derbyshire as a specific region and Dog's Mercury (Mercurialis perennis) is considered an Indicator Species there... and in fact by 5 of the 13 sources.

I think you can get it online at:


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Not yet in flower?

I think that it is in flower but the flowers are insignificant greenish-yellow as in your picture.

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Thanks for these helpful

Thanks for these helpful comments,

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indicator species

That's really helpful.
Thanks for finding this information and the website.