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Observed: 2nd April 2012 By: jhn7
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Ash coming out at the same time as Oak, undecided forecast for the summer rain.

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few days

Your's is definitely further on maybe a week,will check on mine again to see the time scale.They do say that spring moves from the south to north of the country a mile per hour ( I think it is a mile )saw it on spring watch or country file last year.


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There may be other factors

Such as soil type, drainage, aspect. I found one in bud just opening and one fully out in the same place today.

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That's interesting.

Actually there are Ash trees in the wood (lower down the hill) that are not as advanced as this one. Also there are Oaks almost next to the one I posted earlier in winter mode with no sign of spring, how bizarre is that?

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They may well all be self seeded and will vary slightly but not enough to be recognized as species in there own rite.


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Agree about other factors

Access to water,orientation etc.We have Sycamore that leaf up at varying times despite close proximity.The largest Ash I have seen is in the Czech Republic.

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