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Marsh / Willow Tit

Observed: 30th March 2012 By: DluogsDluogs’s reputation in BirdsDluogs’s reputation in Birds
Marsh / Willow Tit 1a
Marsh / Willow Tit 1b
Marsh / Willow Tit 1c
Marsh / Willow Tit 1d
Marsh / Willow Tit 1e
Marsh / Willow Tit 1f

A pair of grey/brown and white tits with black caps who were very good at positioning a twig between their heads and the camera - of thirty photos these are the only ones that begin to be useful. Still - a steep challenge to those who think they can tell the two apart. Is there enough here?

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Although the pictures are not the clearest, I think that there is enough to point to Marsh. There is no suggestion of a pale secondary panel or the bull-necked appearance you would expect in Willow. Also, the bib is quite neatly defined and you can just about see the suggestion of a pale mark at the corner of the bill...both a sign of Marsh.


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Thank you!

Thank you!